He had just returned to his boss' home on some important errand. Work done, was about to leave, when she suddenly appeared. His boss' wife. Fair and doe eyed..a delicate beauty. She caught him by his hand. Took him by surprise.

It wasn't the first time she did this. In fact it was a daily affair. He shook it off as always. But she persisted and caught him in an embrace. "He'll come only tomorrow," she spoke seductively in her slow drawl.

He looked into her glazed eyes..withdrawing his body from her ample bosom. "How can I sin against my boss...your hubby? Isn't he the one who gave me this job..made me overseer over all he possesses."

"Ahhh..so what? Who shall see us. Come on..be a sport."

He protested. "I won't sin against Him who sees all things. He sees all things, even those done in secret."

"You and your God," she muttered angrily.

He tried to flee. She held on to him. He finally tore himself away and ran out of the house. Leaving his shirt behind in her empty hands.

The next day he was summoned to his boss' cabin. "How dare you seduce my wife in my absence," he was furious.


"Is this how you reward my complete trust in you?"

"But Sir..do listen to me.."

Next moment he was handcuffed and put behind bars. He resigned himself to his fate. But soon sprang back to life again.
He found favor with the jailor and the other inmates began liking him too. He was winsome to add to his sheer handsomeness. And a complete people person.

He passed his days listening to the others as they shared their stories of sheer misery. Nights were spent in conversation with his Maker.

His mind went back to his beloved dad...who doted on him, the younger of all his other brothers. Highly pampered, he soon earned their collective wrath, born more out of jealousy.

They planned a wicked plan to kill him but aborted it at the last minute. They finally sold him to some traders on their way to a distant place for thirty dollars.
He was bought by his former master and given a small job. His sincerity and wholehearted dedication won him his boss' complete trust.

But with it came real temptation. She seduced him daily with her eyes, her attire. But he resisted. Because he was given to God's word. He had practised purity of thought, word and action all his life. He wasn't going down in such a terrible manner.
The invisible eyes of Him who saw everything. They haunted him day and night.
Even here in this dingy prison.

A year passed and then one more. Finally his gift of dream interpretation made way for his release. The ruler of the land summoned him and was satisfied with his explanation of his weird dream which had plagued him for days.

He was amazed with the young man's wisdom, foresight and practical knowledge. He was soon made second in command over the whole country.
The young man had realised his dream..God given. His family was summoned, his brothers forgiven. He had realised his dream..God given dream ... That one day all his family would bow at his feet. It had come true.

His faith and purity..patience and unrelenting persistence in obeying His commands in spite of various setbacks and temptations..had won him his crown.

He had been true to the invisible eyes.

He was Joseph, the much tried man, who eventually became Prime minister of Egypt. A true story from the pages of history.

Friends..How would you fare in this battlefield called life?

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