I just got back a few days ago from an impromptu and much needed mini-vacation…at the beach.

My heaven on earth.

I didn’t realize exactly how much turmoil I was in emotionally until we got there and I had been immersed in the beautiful beach atmosphere for a good 24 hours.

I was tense and irritable and had bouts of sadness where tears where almost always inevitable.

That time at the beach, soothed me.

Helped me regain composure and my once sensible, relaxed perspective.

I even practiced yoga just about daily while there — without effort.

My problems were truly far away and a lot easier to manage when we got back.

I swear, when we’re rich, we are buying a beach property — even if we aren’t rich, I’m sure we’ll be well off enough to retire on the coast.

I’d move there now if it weren’t so far from both of our jobs!

Well, until we move, we always will have the weekends to get away — whether it’s summer, spring, winter or fall — we are going to the coast.

I suggest to anyone that if there is a place where you find peace — GO THERE.

Find your peace and cherish it and relish in it as long as humanly possible.

When you get back to life, take things as they come — one at a time.

When things get overwhelming, think about your special place and getting back there — find your beach.

And as soon as you can go back, GO!

That’s an order — for you and myself.

We have the weekends.

We are going to use them.

Always in the pursuit of peace.

Be easy

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