The creature came and looked at me with pleading eyes.I could sense the pain in its heart through its eyes.I communicated for an hour with it for that's the best I could do.I wept silently and left the place before the tears became rivulets of grief.The creature I am talking about is an animal,any animal who is a resident of this country.
It pains me a lot to see them in distress.It hurts to see them being kicked by people just for fun,it hurts to see them being denied a morsel of food on a cold winter night.I often wonder what they have done to deserve all this.Why are they tortured for no reason.More so,the people who feed them are ridiculed.That's the sorry state of affairs in the country.
When an animal feeds on the filth in the garbage or drinks a muddy poodle water,I have a gut wrenching feeling.Are we so insensitive that we have forgotten whom we reside with.Are we so arrogant that we can't part with our extra morsel.There are many questions to be answered when it comes to our treatment of animals.
Many of them can be answered if we see a reflection of our family members in them.Many animals can be saved from their daily torture dose by us.We have almost lost our body,let's not lose our soul.Let's help the ones who are helpful to us.It will be our small service to God.

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