Before i write i would ask for reader's views at the end.
A selfless good deed is it possible to conduct it? I remember an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. where phoebe can't give joey a single example of a selfless good deed, the one where she hates PBR.
I was pondering upon the same for quite a time and alas except for a mother's love towards her child i couldn't find any such example. Even the nature works on the principle of mutual-ism.
Any act be it providing nectar to bees by flowers to earth receiving rains is mutual and not selfless at all. Everything works on a give and take principle.
The point i want to make is no matter how someone may try to prove they are selfless and/or have sacrificed their lives for a cause are never selfless. At least they may get a good name in return and a feeling of mere self satisfaction is also not selfless.
so, before you say your act is selfless just think once..

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