Well that's what Marketing Strategies of many companies are- particularly to name one among them I have come across: the men's deodorant Axe. Has anyone taken a look at their Official Facebook Page having thousands of likes flooding in every minute, and you see posts full of semi-nude pictures of "hot-babes" as they call, with a tag-line "Which one is more Bom-Chicka Wah Wah"?

What the hell? No updates about new products and improvements and no listening to complaints, but all you see are girls running over boys, and flooded with men's horribly lusty comments underneath.
Is this what we are all looking forward to? When in a country wherein sexual harassment and crimes all related is increasing to great depths, they update more raunchy photographs to get more likes and their profit remains at the zenith! Is it not a horrible and wacky source of making money, selling the female body for company profits?
And then too no one complains, or thinks it as a big deal. Yet I am amazed how such page-makers are encouraged and pages not banned, as each day more photographs enter to make posts more flooded with comments, and men obsessed with sexual desires may flood into the stores to buy a perfume imagining girls might line up in front of him! And yet what is more Amazing is, "Many men DO belive that getting an axe would be the key to get so many girls!"

Are all turned deaf and dumb, or all the population as raunchy as ever?
Even when a meagre do express their disturbances and disgust and ask to remove photographs which might be quite arousing, what they get in reply is "This is just for fun. It should not be taken seriously!"

What the world is coming to?
And why are we still sleeping?
I protest! I am dishonoured again!

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