Having tears in your eyes,
Your dead but alive.
You loved from the heart,
Saw her in your dreams,
Dreamt of becoming the prince,
because your my child!

You have mistaken every girl you saw,
Thinking of her to be walking.
Seeing the still water,
Thinking about you she is more bothered.
By touching the water it vanished...
You had a sweet smile and walked on...
because your my child!

Days went, nights strolled,
You lived coz’ of these things.
Then i played a game,
Which kept your love in flame.
She betrayed you
After that you were numb
because you were my child!

Asked me why? God why?
I said, ”my dear child,
Don’t let everyone take your love,
There’s someone ahead who wants,
Till that time i will make
No one loving you and you loving no one

Tags: Devotional

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