He was driving his way towards the Swarma City restaurant. But going out on a date was the last thing on his mind. It was not a month ago that one of his best friends from college was murdered brutally. No one had any idea about the killer except for the fact that the killer was a woman. His mind was spiraling from one thought to another when he stumbled upon the beautiful thought of Sheena. It was only three weeks ago when she came to his office to get the job of an intern. But, she had became much more than that, she had shared his sorrows, made him laugh and above all, sex was exhilarating. They had sex at their office, house, pool, mall bathrooms and at the beach. He started to grin remembering their afternoon adventure at their private meeting.
He was at his penthouse making some calls and having his afternoon ice cream when she came with a body that should be made illegal. She took the phone from his hand, disconnecting it, she threw that away. It all happened so suddenly, she went down on her knees and started removing his pants. The next few moments were a bit blurry with a lot of moaning and reaching the peak of ecstasy. It lasted for 5 minutes. She with a slutty voice said “now it is your turn.”
He trailed a spoonful of ice cream down the center of her body, across her stomach, and into her navel … He kissed each of her breasts and sucked each of her nipples hard, then followed the line of ice cream down her body, sucking and licking as he went down and down … ‘This way,’ he murmured and abruptly his fingers were inside her. The movement was almost rhythmic and he was kissing her sex, licking it with continuous precision. She was almost going to lose, it was beautiful, her inner sexual goddess was in surreal delirium. And finally, she came making her weak and happy at the same time.

He pulled her upright so that she could practically sit on him with her back facing him. He slowly pushed it inside her creating a moan that could be heard to all the way to the next 20 blocks. He slowly started to move it inside and out again and again. They flexed their hips like samba dancers practicing their dance routine. He grabbed her by her long black locks and gave her a kiss which involved an ample amount of tongue. Her subconscious swooned into a dead faint, and he enhanced the speed of his thrusts, now almost going with an animalistic intent. Their eyes got locked and the emotions were raw as if he wanted to devour her. He nuzzled her neck, biting down, as he was filling her again and again. He smiled against her neck, and his fingers curl around her jaw and throat, holding her fast for a moment.

The party then moved to his desk. “This is so hot. I want you inside me, babe”Her voice made him go berserk with sexual energy. He bent her over the table and with one swift thrust he was inside her. She groaned loudly, glutturally and revel in the fullness of his possession. He put each his hand on each side of her neck. He was overwhelming her, he could feel her wet sex down, his majestic sword could feel that, and was driving him crazy. It was heavenly, mildly suffocating and hedonistic and triumphant at the same time. The movements were furious and quick, she could hear him breathe down his back, the moment was euphoric, with both their bodies almost ready to melt away but it was him who went down first with his release.

They both relax momentarily and lie down on the floor, naked gazing the majestic beauty with each other. For a politician, Sheena’s boss was a remarkably fit man. She stood up gave him a kiss before saying goodbye and said "it was blasting.".

It was almost 11 pm, the highway was almost empty except for some industrial trucks. He was driving his way to the city to rendezvous with his paramour. But suddenly, it happened. The explosion, so big, that the flames could be seen for miles. The future leader, some said the future prime minister was dead, almost tragically.
Meanwhile, in her hotel drinking her wine, Sheena was watching the news of the sudden death of one of the biggest political faces of the city. She opened her diary and marker and crossed of his face. Two gone, one to go. I just hope you remembered our afternoon delight. "It was blasting"
The grin on her face was of satisfaction.She went up to her balcony and started to gaze the magnificent city. I will turn your joy into ashes. Then my revenge will be over. My revenge …for my sister. My leena..

Tags: Thriller

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