Love has to come out, anyhow. However, when it spills out to wife and wife only, it's with intensity. And this becomes the cause of a strong familial bond.

Compare this to non-Islamic societies, where men have direct or indirect illegal sexual experiences through pornography or girlfriends. These men when marry, already have a wide experience. Hence the comparison of wife's sexuality with that of a perfect pornstar or girlfriend is inevitable, thereby creating a loss of interest in men (as the wife cannot have a sexuality comparable to different hand-picked and cosmetically perfected porn stars).

Islam by blocking the pre-marital, extra-marital and pornographic sex, snatches away the destructive exposure to illegal sex, thereby leaving only wife (and no other girl) to imagination. This causes love to intensify amongst married couple, as they have no choice but to retire in each other.

Right opposite has been done by secular societies by creating a mixed-gender culture. The husband becomes paranoid of an office going wife. And the wife, that of husband. Instead of families being stable it is rocked by paranoia, jealousy and fear, that the other half might get charmed by an external male/female.

In such a society jobs-for-female is supported by male feminists not because they are concerned about women's welfare, but because it makes their female-hunting easy. Better, they have huge access to emotionally vulnerable females, say to the one who had a fight with her husband last night. The prophets of "female liberation" are hence, not messiah but sexual predators.

Certainly their are also takers of "female liberation" amongst female feminists, but then, who said there are no loose females! They do so to have access to various penises.

I admit that this might sound like a sweeping generalisation. That there might be females who are rigteous even in these free mixing societies, however they are so by self-discipline. But what about loose women? Hence, the Islamically segregated societies.

We need Islam oriented female liberation. That is create gender-segregated institutions as this will give rise to more female jobs (because female institutions will hire only females). Like a exclusive female beach, will give rise to vacancy for female life guards, while letting them have as much fun as the males.

Hence to create a perfect society, the country has to be Islamicised.

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