A shadow lurks nearby,
Wanting to replace me.
Simmering with contempt,
The vice dripping along.
I look around in fear,
The silence makes me cold.
A faint din I hear,
Abandoning my life of being bold.
The shadow is my soul-taker,
On the crowded roads.
Snapping away from bonds,
Snuggling with me and my death.
My forehead shines with sweat,
My forearms have hair in attention.
I take flight from the shadow,
It follows me like my own.
Dangerously my days unfold,
Many times being left in dark.
I sip the tea never with calm,
I eat the food never with tranquility.
Shadow grows on me,
It pounces at any time.
My refuge lies with my inner soul,
Mask of light with a fearless goal.

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