shama ko pighalne ka arman kyun hai
patange ko jalne ka armaan kyun hai

I was really mesmerized when I had heard these lines from the song 'Tose naina lage'. The other times I had heard the words shama and parwana in old songs. But then I didnt know how they are connected. One day I asked my mom what is parwana. Then she told me parwana is the insect which hovers near the candle light despite the fact that it would ultimately die due to the fire.

Then I understood why this pair is alluded to love. The moth is attracted to the candle light and does not care for the consequences. Similarly people in love want to be together to stay with each other, whatever be the consequences. Like the shama and parwana they won't separate until death does them apart...

It does sound a simple comparison but the fact is when i realized the comparison I just felt amazing. Hats off to the lyricists and poets who picked up a nature's phenomenon and used it in such a beautiful context.. :)

Shama kahe parwaane se, pare chala jaa
Meri tarah jal jaayega, yahaan nahin aa
Wo nahi sunta usko jal jana hota hai

These lines from Pyar deewana hota hai from kati patang are another audible treat.. very effectively conveying the intensity of a relationship..

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