She kisses him and turns into a frog, a little ogre,
Instead of him turning into a prince
And them living happily ever after.
“What went wrong?”
She cries over her wailing song.
“Why did this happen to me?”
She sings the saddest melody
While holding her heart.
“Rip it, rip it,” says the frog.
“How dare you say that to a princess.
Why don’t you go jump into a lake.
Why didn’t I kiss a rabbit
Instead of an ogre anyway?”
“Why brave to me, but not to yourself?
And have you wondered what’d happen
If you kissed me again,
Maybe you’d go back to being human?”
She began to wonder.
She jumps to him, but he runs.
“Why play hard to get?” she asks.
He jumps into a lake like she said.
She jumps in after him
And doesn’t come out till she gets that kiss.
She comes out a rabbit
And screams to the heavens.
“Don’t you know?” says the frog,
“I am not a frog, I’m a toad.
And you’re not a princess,
You’re dreaming all of this.”
“How do you know?”
“That’d cost you another kiss?”
“You know maybe, you’re dreaming this?”
She says, “No, really. How do you know?”
“It’s easy, I’ll snap my fingers, and you’ll wake up.
But if you do, you don’t know
If you’ll be a princess or not,
But you will be human.
But will that now be enough?”
“Yes!” she says.
So he snaps his fingers,
And then she disappears.
Sep 3, 2018

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