She begins her day reading these ...wb posts. Cobbler, derelict house, wannabe writer...

Well, she looks forward to her day. Nothing great. But still draws from her a simple smile.
She wouldn't go down dejection lane.
For she believes 'Godliness with contentment is great gain.'

She might not be a cobbler..she needn't struggle. To make little money. She has enough to eat. Clothe herself with.

Someone tells her.. "You need a vacation really." As he shoots off to such and such a blissful place.
She shrugs.
But she's happy.

She's doing a cause.
Serving her aged, helpless in-laws.

They can count on her. She loves their contented smile. As she chases their impending worry a mile.

She's ready to serve her teens. Especially the older one with his impish chuckle. Just arrived from tiresome exams. As he pulls her leg now and then. 'Waiting for fresh and hot homemade food, men.'
Also entertain their boisterous friends who make a sudden appearance like a famous actor coming in unannounced into a scene.

And soothe the wrinkle off her tired hubby dear. With a massage..a loving touch..a surreptious kiss :)

Someone asks her how she does it?
Well, love gives her strength and endurance.

At the end of the day, she's tired. Body aches.
But she gets up rejuvenated again. Ready for the day.
However mundane.

She might not be a big shot, whizzing around town....or the famous film star...a mere cobbler..or even the roadside kelawala.
Is simply a homemaker.

She might not have a boss to report to. With umpteen tasks to attend to.
None to zero level stress.
No office chamchas to fear, protocols to adhere.
No demotions either.

Not a social butterfly. Mouthing big words..doing precious little.

Not the kitty party wali..ending up with wallet khaali.

Not the avid shopaholic..but only workaholic.

Though surely unnoticed...hardly her bother.
Serving those who matter to what she enjoys the most.
She's contented too.

Better than a trip to the Bahamas...or the beaches of Hawaii
Is being in her own cosy little home in noisy Mumbai.

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