HAHA .. people say love itz easy to happen ! "Just an attraction is termed as true love in this stupid age of uaz" mum'z wrong wordz said .
she disagreed . had it been an infatuation I WOULD HAVE NEVER STOPPED WRITING - holding head in her handz she thought the girl who loved to write .. write about anything , everything .. the blue green raquet she brought or the amazing dress she saw , the jealous friend or the perfect holiday , the riots or the black watch . now lost all interest , all reasonz to write .. whenever she picked up her pen .. all she could think was his anger and her agony only . Then she stopped writing ! Lo and behold , the world became still for her , because only her pen .. her best friend - miles , miles apart . People asked her what did you write ? itz been ages we have not seen our talented girl's work . Blankly , she said nothing and walked away .
One day while lookin in her old bad she saw her favourite thing - her favourite diary . She was lost in her magical world once again , runnin her fingerz through the pages she saw what all she wrote . she found she wrote innocence , love , happiness , peace and what not. she gave all her thoughts an expression which was her identity .
She stopped writing , she lost her identity .. she thought SHE SHOULD HAVE NEVER STOPPED WRITING ! Never stopped because people loved her for her expressionz , her identity .
So , now she sat down on her bean bag , took her pen and scribbled madly , scribbled all her once dead thoughtz , ol her anomity of those worst dayz . Yes , she was out , out of the trauma . She was writin again , livin again to be precise .
And swore , if hez to be back he ll b .. but SHE WON'T NOW LET ANYBODY SAY SHE SHOULD HAVE NEVER STOPPED WRITING !

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