She was there sitting alone,
Ane here I was going crazy,
Her long hair, beautiful face, stuck in my heart.
She was there dancing madly,
I was watching her stealthily,
And I didn't want this moment to pass.

Ah! She looked gorgeous,
And it seemed as if thousand stars surrounded her to praise her,
Yes, she is wonderful,
And everytime I think of that face I wanna go and meet her.

She was there in her space,
And here I was thinking about her,
Those crazy talks, those mad smiles, and she got me.
I wanted to talk to her,
But never wanna disturb her,
Life was never so beautiful to me.

Hey! She was smiling,
And I was on cloud nine as she made me smile too,
Oh! I miss that,
I wishI could tell her that she made me feel alive too!

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