Standing still, a girl so sweet
red hair band, happy feet
i stepped close, ogling hard
heart composed for her a bard.

Black top, wearing sleeves sans
black pants, accessories, shoes so grand
i go near for she was my sister's
closest dearest, best friend.

I shake hand, soft they were
handle with care, fragile they were
bony cheeks, muscle replete
for she seemed a fitness freak.

Thinking what should a man say
hello dear or should I pray
take a lesson or two, or
run away scared i was,must say.

First impression should be the best
rest I'll handle, i knew best
it was test i never scored
luck in this field left me alone, got bored.

Moment of truth, I utter HI!
i confess, i was shy, she;
broke my heart, ripped apart, when she;
acknowledged bhaiya, hurled back, " how are you, HI!"

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