Do I have to define the" hurt " !
Which I am going through !?
Do I have to rate the severity of
The pain I undergo !?
The tears which roll down from the corner or my eyes not enough !?
The loss of twinkle from my eyes not visible !??
The shine which shows yes its me
Is fading into the darkness of pain ..
The shadows which follow me ,
scream for their freedom ......
who once loved my company ...
The sun shines bright so does the moon . but will they throw light on my way !?
So accustomed with this darkness at times scared of the light which is even more scary then the pitch darkness
The story the darkness says the story the brightness say are different yet interlinked
I don't wanna just say a story
wanna the story so ...
that the pain is gone
by the end of the mystery ......!!!

Tags: Peace

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