"So shall we meet?" Vaibhav typed. "hmmm, ok tomorrow near the church gate?" Sneha replied. "Fine works for me :)" Vaibhav typed back. "OK bye see ya tomorrow." Sneha wrote and then logged off from her facebook profile. Vaibhav clicked on Sneha Gupta's timeline and smiled to himself looking at her display picture. They both had been chatting for over a month and had become very good friends by now. The social network had done it's job once again as it made two good friends meet up. Vaibhav and Sneha were both from the same city ,they didn't know each other until last month they met up on facebook. They used to talk daily for at least half an hour, by the end of the month they had exchanged their phone numbers and knew almost everything about each other.
The next day Vaibhav was busy searching his best shirt while Sneha spent almost more than an hour to see that weather her accessories perfectly matched her dress or not. When they were all set, they started towards the church. Vaibhav reached the church gate and called Sneha. "Hey, where are you? I am already here waiting for you" Vabhav enquired. "I am on my way. What Color shirt are you wearing?" Sneha asked. "Blue jeans and white shirt" Vaibhav replied smiling to himself."OK will be there in sometime" saying so Sneha hung up the phone.
After about fifteen long minutes Sneha reached the church gate, she could see Vaibhav standing there , with an expression of anxiety in his face. "Hello" Sneha said as she waved her hands to Vaibhav. "Hi" Vaibhav said shouting. They both finally met. Both of them smiled
continuously by looking at each other but couldn't speak like the used to when they saw one of them online. "How idiotic" thought Sneha to herself. "Whenever, he used to see that green light beside my name, he typed and typed and now he is blank?" Vaibhav kept on telling himself "What happened? Why have I gone still?" Finally Sneha started the conversion "So?" she said. "So, what?" Vaibhav spoke up. "Are you a silent man? or you can't handle the fact that you are standing here in person with me?" Sneha said trying to hide what she felt. "Maybe both" replied Vaibhav and then stopped again." Oh God where am I struck? This fellow seems dumb!" Sneha's smile had dropped and Vaibhav looked tensed by now, he had already stated sweating.
"Umm Coffee?" Vaibhav tried. "OK maybe" Sneha replied trying to hide how upset she had become after meeting him. They walked silently to the nearby coffee shop.
"I will have a cappuccino, and you?" Sneha inquired quite upset by now. She wanted to just run back to her home. "Err maybe I will have a umm cold coffee" Vaibhav replied trying to hide his embarrassment. "Such a Boring guy" Sneha thought to herself. "So how is school going on?" Sneha having no other option started to speak up all what came to her mind. "Good" replied Vaibhav in one word, it was quite visible from his face that how nervous he was. "How is preparations for engineering going?" Sneha tried again. "Good" again the same answer by vaibhav. Sneha was disgusted by now.
There was silence for another five minutes. Sneha didn't even look at Vaibhav now, instead she looked at the menu cards and the setup of the shop and people around her. She saw friends sitting in groups having a hearty laugh. She saw a couple sitting in the corner, smiling to each other and talking, to her far right was an old man sitting with a cup of coffee watching a cricket match silently his eyes fixed at the television near him. "At least anybody here is not getting bore or wasting the Sunday like I am here with this dumbo" she thought to herself. She thought of that Vaibhav who use to keep tying and tying so much that she had to tell him to stop, so that she could answer.
Finally Vaibhav spoke " Waiter" he shouted, "Where is the bathroom?" "Straight to the right sir" the waiter replied pointing towards it. Sneha became red with temper. When Vaibhav returned after fifteen long minutes wiping his face with a tissue, the waiter had already served their coffee. Sneha sat sipping her coffee. Vaibhav took his seat looked around and then started gulping his cold coffee. "Are you always like this?" Sneha said trying to keep her cool. "err no...actually no no..I...I am sorry ..am a bit nervous, this....this is our first meeting." finally Vaibhav spoke a full long sentence. "I understand" Sneha cursed herself for the situation. She gulped down her coffee at one go and said to Vaibhav " I am done, I have some work left, I think I should leave." "OK " Vaibhav said sipping his cold coffee. Sneha couldn't take it anymore, she paid her bill and left. Out of the coffee shop she thought to herself "I am free."

The next day Sneha logged in to her facebook account hoping not to see Vaibhav around. She neither wanted to chat with him and she had nightmares that she met Vaibhav again. Just a minute had passed when a window appeared with a bling! sound. "Hi, how was our first meeting?" it was Vaibhav. "I am awesome na?" Vibhav wrote further. "Oh, I am sorry I was a bit nervous but I know you liked me. Didn't you?" he went on Sneha could hear more and more bling sounds and the chat window showing more and more chats popping up. It read 'Vaibhav is typing...' Petrified Sneha wrote in bold letters "NEXT TIME YOU MEET A GIRL BRING A TYPEWRITER WITH YOU. AND I ASSURE YOU THAT YOU WILL BECOME A VERY GOOD CLERK ONE DAY." She immediately removed him from her friend list and wasted no time in blocking him and finally logged out from her account!

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