I don’t know why tears come? I never invite them, I don’t give a damn about their chemical composition and cerebral linkages, all I know is that many times they have worsened my situation. The more strongly I want to hide my emotion the more it comes running.

There are many times I don’t want my friends to know that I felt bad over their teasing but no help, soon there will be few drops and I have to face millions sorry that is not really required.

There are many times I am just too much angry and badly I want to fight but stupid tears will roll down making me weak.

I never want to tell that I’ll miss him after he will be gone, but silly tears convey everything.

They come out even at a small emotional drama of daily T.V. soaps, at that time I can only wish that no guy is around.

My eyes will be wet at a warm hug showing how desperate I am for care, sad.

Sometimes they just come whenever they sight something similar coming from the eyes of our loved ones.

It’s been correctly said that eyes say many things but I think it’s the tears that play a big role…and good only when comes with joy.:-)

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