I am a developer by heart and coding is my hobby. I love writing. This small intro is here as am going to write this anonymously.

I believe that the problems in our lives can be solved efficiently if we can break it down to the tiniest level and then focus totally on solving the smallest fragments one by one. And to do so we need to list down separately each and every task/problem somewhere.

One way to do is a to-do list, but it is inefficient in the sense that we can only list down broad heads else the list will go too long. So I came up with the concept of to-do tree. What if you list down only the broad tasks first and then dig deeper in each one separately.

Lets say I divide life into three parts. Work, home and hobbies. Then I divide work into parts like meetings, presentations and calling. I divide Home into pay bills, buy stuff and cleaning/maintenance. Hobby into drums and football. So this way I can keep track to the deepest level what all needs to be done and if I can assign priority to it? It would be awesomest thing in this world. More awesome if I can keep this info on web and access it from anywhere.

So I made this website exactly about one year back, its called Simpify.in ( http://www.simpify.in ). It does exactly what I explained above. It have a one step log-in and sign-up. Enter your email and get started. But keep in mind that if you forget your password there is no options for that.

I made it in one day so its very basic, just does what it is supposed to do. I just renewed the domain as it was going to expire on one year completion and hence thought I should share with everyone so that those who find it useful can use it. I do use it and it has solved a lot of my problems. So go ahead and try it out.

And did I tell that its all free?

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