Do you guys remember those days, when teacher asked you about your homework and you answered," miss, i did it, but i forgot to bring" or " my little brother tore the pages" or " it is my other bag" and stuffs like that?
when we all know, neither of it is true and neither of us did it..!!

Life seemed so simple that time, didn't it?

No worries about how we looked like or what we'd wear! Having that famous stomach ache in the mornings when we didn't want to go to school!
We changed decisions like we changed clothes, We took chances, we danced without being self conscious.
And the nicest part was that, we made mistakes. A lot, in fact. And we were so OK about it..!
I read a comic strip once, where a boy was asked to write an essay about what he wants to be in his life, and he wrote, "who knows" so when his teacher told him, it was a bit shorter for an essay, he wrote," who knows. who cares. "
What has happened to us as we grew?
Why are we so afraid to make mistakes now?
Why are we so afraid to take chances?
If you fall, get up. if you lie, confess. If you are sorry, apologize. If you are hungry, Eat.
If you miss someone, call them. If you love someone, tell them.

I heard in a movie once, that you just need 20 seconds of courage to do something that can change your life forever.
So take up that courage to take chances. And the next time when anyone asks you,
" why taking so many chances?"
answer back," Why Not?"

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