Staring at those red kohl covered eyes,
That mouth that held the ghost of a smile,
The ears that had drooped with the weight of hissing noises,
Wrinkles of indifference sat on her slant nose...

Her hair had played with the cold wind,
The forehead had been creased by night's fingers,
Pale cheeks that absorbed light,
The hesitant neck failed in holding the doomed head...

Those shoulder blades curved closer,
as if trying to hide that wounded torso,
Her breasts heaved with exertion,
Beneath them the beer-belly jutted out rudely...

Her limbs lay like those of a corpse,
Except her right hand which held a cigarette lighter,
Doused in Whisky, the choice fed on her mind,
A laughter rose from her dry throat,
as she smoked the mirror...

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