Alone in this same fucking bedroom, alone and crying like a punk

one day ill get out of here, i promise

Alone in this shitty desk chair, wondering where my dreams are

dreams of love, dreams of happiness and all the things we all hope for

Smoke fills the air, its consuming me from one cigarette to the next

smoke fills my lungs from the perculating gun, bringing forth a new reality

Does it matter what reality i believe, because that in itself becomes my reality

children i would die for, loving me like i should love them...patiently waiting on daddy to come see what they colored

First they hold on a second, then they give you a minute, then they just hold on......because that's what we ask them to do

their sad beautiful little faces filled with disappointment once again from the man that hung the moon

Another project, another idea, another answer to everything...another epiphany....another coincidence

another life is what my loved ones deserve. I have a box full of good intentions, but never open it...but i know they are around here somewhere

as i sit in this temporary hole, nodding out between lines

missing my baby cakes, wondering why she wont try to help my heart feel better

it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter that i cant ever be good enough, for myself, for you, for her,

i just want to stop feeling like i don't want to live.....i want to feel for those kids like they do me


fell out

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