The day has been cloudy & gloomy and the rain is pouring away.

Hot coffee to beat the blues and a cigarette to start the day.

Are cigarettes like a cloud sometimes clear and sometimes gloomy?

The killing stick makes me happy or puts the sadness through me.

Pulling the white and maroon packet, very beguiled and styled

Lifting the cap, taking out a slaughter stick named a veryclassic mild.

A board in between and two creatures holding up a crown.

The impeccable tobacco gives you smiles or a frown.

I slowly hold her by the waist and start taking some puffs.

Throat fills with cough, and the smells on my hand cuffs.

The cigarette starts burning slowly and smokes slowly start to flee.

As she slowly burns down through the waist and killingly satisfies me.

In red and bold letters the box reads “Smoking Kills".

A zest it fulfills but the smoke in lungs it fills.

I do believe smoking kills, and only hatred & disgust it should invoke.

I will implement it next time, please my friend pass me a smoke.

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