This is going to be a very ordinary post. Because I want to break free of my own cage of perfection which results in inaction. I have had so many brilliant ideas in the past on topics and content to write and post them here but I had not written a single such post because I had been waiting to find that time space where I can make those ideas manifest itself in form a brilliant piece of writing. The result? NOTHING.


Maybe this is called writer's block. Or maybe just a cage of perfection. 


I usually give a lot of time and effort to prepare a post. Check its grammar and spelling and read it again to see if it makes sense. Hence it takes a lot of time to publish one post. Not that I am a writer or something but it's just that I want everything that I do to be just perfect. Hence not just with writing, many ideas related to startups also just get stashed on some dusty shelf in the backward closest of my mind.


That's it. I hit publish here. 

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