There wasn’t much traffic today, weather was pleasant. He decided to walk rather than catching a taxi, fixed his earpiece, turned up volume to maximum and started walking down the lane.
Just few blocks away he came across a newly opened restaurant. It displayed some cool beverages, he picked up one with chocolate flavor mixed with some light vodka, was some kind of Italian beverage. Now he was all occupied, left hand was busy supporting his grey blazer and right one gripped his can firmly.
He was moving at a very gentle pace, taking sips at regular intervals. There were few kids playing at sides of the road. Few were busy throwing pebbles at the street dogs and rest few were busy making their palaces out of mud, just few meters away from the traffic signal.
There was a limousine racing down the road. For over two hundred meters not even once its driver have to use brakes, he simply was overtaking every car in the way. But soon his expedition was halted, as Alto’s driver moving ahead refused to give way and there were kids playing on the sides. Not giving much of thoughts he sped away in other direction smashing through the palaces and mud houses, it was a close call scaring the life out of the kids. Few of those throwing pebbles at dogs now started throwing pebbles at limousine and few started shouting at the driver.
Just one thought crossed his mind, how mean and careless people are. What if there would have been an accident? That limousine guy would have simply paid a nominal share of his wealth to get on roads again and repeat such thing once again.
Just then limousine came to a halt just few meters away from children. An elderly woman somewhat in her eighties moved out of car with three of her guards supporting her on wheel chair. She straightaway went to kids. They were angry, but she apologized and offered some sweets, before she sat down on pavement helping kids to rebuilding there palaces. They started calling her Maa, tears rolled down her cheeks and she kissed the girl next to her. She ordered her secretary to bring some food and clothes for those kids as they looked hungry and were wearing nearly half torn clothes.
He went down to the other end of road to join few people standing nearby and were watching a very irregular site- Mother of a Multi-Millionaire playing with street kids, making houses out of mud. People were talking various stuff. Few said, his son is a multi-millionaire but he doesn’t have even a second of time for her mother. She is all hungry for love, she lives all alone in her new bungalow down the seventh street. But other than guards and her caretakers nobody visits her, even after having this much money she is living a miserable life. God help such people!
He was left just with one simple thought- Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Life isn’t that easy with everyone, there are people who have everything and yet they don’t have anything.

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