So this is one good thing about anonymous posts... I can write anything i want. I can curse anyone without having the frustration that I am the only one reading my stupid diary. People can read it and will not be able to pity me. Well, obviously they can pity me in general. But they won't know my name. I dant hav to wory abt my sad angrezi and stupid espleiing mistakes (although my chrome takes good care of my poor spellings, but still... therez nothing to take care of my stupid grammar). We can do confessions here... so herez one... i like sleeping naked... at times i cry like a little girl... I like Kate upton. I hate ugly people (HA!! u can't judge me. Well u can judge me in general but then again, I dnt give a fuck :D). Enough for today. I dunno when i will be logging on to this stupid(but awesome) website again. Adios.

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