Sitting in a bottle as curvy as dame's waist
bubbly fizzy water; colored orange, grey and black.

Sold on TV, walls and roads by decorated big-swanky brands,
Bips, Bebo, Priyanka showing-off in their hands.

Carbon rich tangy liquid with a sugary mix
shroud my tongue, tingly, puts me in a fix.
Cool gassy liquid people mix in rum
perfect time-pass for my 3 hour movie run

Fountain mixture poured, served in high-big malls
bastards serving 30 rupee drink in 60, having lot of balls.

Pisses me off too much, but my girl waits and stands, loves it
extending her soft sweet lovely petite hands.

You are one beverage, one can always get, even
if there's a drought wreaking havoc in the state.

People dying without water, but you never fail;
to present in ice-cold motor carts, making boisterous sales.

Plastic bottled beauty, even though I despise
in sultry heat i reach you..why?, i still can't surmise.

Billion dollar businesses, i agree you promote
willy-nilly me fickle minded, I end up in your support.

Its true I drink you, with slurrpy shameless noise
i scream ..AAh!..AAh!; big burrps break room's poise.
people stark eyed stare me, when I kiss cheeks of bottle
finish you in minutes, sipping full throttle.

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