The man who once was a baby who came into the world with the tears,

The man who was treated the same as everyone else in this world,

The man who never gave up on anything because he was brave and bold,

The man was a Soldier.


The man who had his family,wife and children,

The man who loved the Nation first and later his family,

The man who could bear all the climatic conditions at the borders,

The man was a Soldier.


The man who faught like a warrior,

The man who had to come so far away from his family,

The man who had to cook for himself for living,

The man was  a Soldier.


The man whose heart would yearn to the sound of his daughter,

The man whose dream when one day his son will become like him,

The man whose wife would pray all day and night for him,

The man was a Soldier.


The man because of which we are safe at our home,

The man who came into this world as ordinary,

and left this nation with full of respect in the minds of people who are ordinary,

The man was,is and will be a Soldier.





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