"Dear heart, stop feeling for him. Dear Brain, Stop thinking about him!" The voice says! But then I cant. How I can I ? First love! Always the best. More of all, a girl like me, who never believed in love, falling for someone!

Strange! I know, very well know, he can never be mine. But still my heart feels for him. Why? Can't stop this, nor I can forget him, nor I can treat him as a friend. No .. I cant. Then what shall I do? I am in great dilemma. Not interested in doing anything. Neither in college, nor in studies, nor anything. When I close my eyes, all I can see is only him.. All I want is only him. All my heart needs is only him & only him alone!! All the time, my mind is thinking of him . Only him. No one can replace this special place, this heart, this love! In fact, he is the only one whom I trust so much, equally to my parents! Yes, I trust him a lot!!

"The pain in life, is not being alone and having a desire to b loved. But its when you realize you have fallen in love with someone who can never b yours!! "" When you yourself refuse to accept that its yours!"

My every beat, is bringing him more near! Every time, I speak with him, I will be the happiest person on this Earth. More I see him , the more I speak with him , the more I fall deeply in love with him.

Hmm ...Many days before, say around 3 years before, I had read somewhere. Say in Horoscope, numerology, future prediction. It said" You will love some one whole heartedly, but you will marry someone else!" I laughed at it then, because a girl like me, falling in love! Highly impossible. I didn't believe all this . But now, this sentence makes me cry.
Well.. He is someone, someone special to me, the only one with whom I share everything. I want to love him, in every way I could. An innocent kid, I have ever known.

I want to live with him, stay in his heart for ever & ever. Every morning, he should be the first one whom I see. And every night, he has to fall asleep in my arms, as I make him sleep. I want to love him, take care of him, like how a mother does for her child. I want to fight with him, quarrel with him. I want to take him, in my arms, hug him. I want to live with this stubborn kid! But then, fate! My bad luck. I know I can't but still this stupid heart dreams of him. Seriously, someone said it right. "Brain is enough, heart is making things complicated."

With whom should I share this pain? None. Only my ink! Yes, my ink speaks! :' )
Yet, I have one dream, one great desire. I want to be in your arms, hug you at least once before my death!

Yes. Tomorrow, I might share my future with someone else. Someone who completes me. But with a heavy heart, I say no one can take your place. You always have that special part in my life,
Where I adore you,
Respect you;
Trust you
And will always be there for you!! :' ) This is all I can!
Signing off!!

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