This write-up was lying in my drafts page for ages. However, sometimes you shouldn't think. Sometimes you should just take the plunge. And today, I finally clicked the publish button.

This is about Valentine's Day last week. I must commend the efforts of NSS and BloodConnect, for trying to make the day extra special, by holding a blood donation camp. Indeed, what better way to spread love, than to save the life of an unknown patient?

A particularly interesting add-on to the whole affair was that all donors were given a red rose. I, too, got one after donating . I kept fiddling with it, brought it near my nose several times to feel its aroma. As I got out of camp and roamed about campus, rose in hand and a gratified smile slapped across my face, I got the curious looks of strangers and 'that' impressed look of acquaintances - as if I had been proposed to, or was going to propose to someone.

I met a couple of friends outside and we decided to go meet Prof Subbarao, our course adviser, to invite him for our STIC Dinner. This dinner is basically hosted by the hostel for the deans and professors to encourage interaction between the students and the teachers. I wrote his name with my calligraphic hand on the invitation card, and we went to see him. The rose was still in my hand.

While climbing the stairs on the way, someone said I should probably hand over the rose to Subbarao sir. I smiled in reply. This was my rose, I had earned it in a sense, it was my reminder that I had done something very special today. To part with it seemed like a dreadful idea. But, unfortunately, the idea had seeded into my mind.

When we reached his office, it was locked. As we waited, we met a couple of other seniors and classmates who probably also wanted to meet him for whatever reasons. "You aren't going to give this to him, are you?" said a guy of this new crowd that was also waiting.

"No, obviously not!" I heard myself say.

It was almost fifteen later that Subbarao sir arrived. We went inside the office, invitation card in hand. Not knowing what else to do with it, unwittingly I took the rose along with me.

It was only when I took out my hand to hand him over the invitation card, that I realized, that the rose was still with me. However, as I handed over the card to him, impulsively, I took the rose into the other hand. We chatted with him for a few moments, making general inquiries, asking for ideas. But I couldn't get my mind off the rose in my hand. My stream of consciousness pricked me again and again.

Should I keep it with me? Should I give it to him? Should I say something? It's looking so awkward in my hands. Shouldn't I have given it with my card? What will others think? What would those guys think? What will he think?

Sometimes you shouldn't think. Sometimes you should take the plunge. I took the plunge.
"Sir this, you can probably give to Ma'am."

I came out with a triumphant smile and a satisfaction of a lifetime. This Valentine's Day had been made different. I had shared my love, happiness and joy with someone else.

Woh kehte hain na, baantne se khushi badti hai!!

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