Sonia Rehman Qureshi’s furniture exhibition at the sadequain galleria on Thursday evening reached the heights of appreciation with its exquisiteness and ancient elegance. Her collection consists of multifaceted belongings of the ancient civilization of the subcontinent. The three-day exhibition ended on 7 September.
She feels passionate towards preserving our heritage. Her collection consists of 85 pieces all together including desk, chair and a grand size bottle bar. With interesting labels like padshanama chest, Davenport desk, voyage chair and Haram desk. She wants to evoke a passion in people and make them feel this ancient furniture as treasure. Each piece has a story attached to it and some are as old as 200 years.
Qureshi has collected many pieces from rural areas in Sindh like Nargarparker while some belong to old Farsi families in Karachi from gurumandir and Parsi coloney. Her favorite pieces among all are Padshanama chair and Haram chest, which took 6 months to re-paint. Her collection consist of pieces cost 40,000 to 400,000.

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