I met her in the daytime
Gave a thought the very night-time

Don’t know when the feeling for her came
Love and care for the very same

I was afraid to propose the mind of her
As I was not the kind of her

The laws of friendship were then implemented
And thus our friendship further cemented

Slowly and gradually herself I won
She waited for me in every dawn

In her far my love did sail
But 2 express it every time I did failed

For my mother finally she said
Still I curse why didn’t I said

We took oath to love each other
That we won’t give chance for another

Of course we spent nice times
We never gave our love any whole times

We talked being in each other's range
Sometimes we said topic change

Our quarrels were never finite
Since we had the feelings infinite

A dawn's escape has killed me today
And also has slayed my trust today

In last touch a pinch she gave
A smile was in return that I gave

How between us ego did come
And a problem of love how it become

Fault is neither her nor mine
Can be solved by sharing each other's time

Yet she wants sorry from me
and I won’t repent for this on part of me

Days back she had asked the meaning of sorry
So today I am saying dear, I AM SORRY!!!

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