I received an e-mail couple of days ago claiming - I am one of the most lucky beneficiaries winning a lottery contest held by the 'British bla bla bla' and have won a mind boggling 50,000 euros! - Anyone adapted to the word 'spam' knows what it is. So I choose to reply to them - "BLOODY FUCKING SPAMMERS!"

Today, another such message popped up on my gmail screen. It said -

"Dear Beneficiary,
The Foreign Exchange Transfer Department (RBI) hereby brings to your
attention that the payment of your deposited funds here in the RBI. You
were listed as a beneficiary in the recent schedule for payment of the past
edition email award incurred by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT, which is yet
unclaimed due to some circumstance according to your file record."

Oh! Now it was RBI offerering me the 50k!

"RBI offering unclaimed funds through lottery? Beware, scamsters are on the prowl again!" - said an article headline when I googled about it. The trick to crack the spam story was simple. Copy the first few lines from your spam e-mail and search for it. Chunks of infos would appear busting the spammers' agenda for good, if not breaking your short lasting dream of becoming a quick millionaire. This is what I found -

"The scamsters are at it again. However, this time they want you to believe that it is the RBI, which wants to pay you money. Jokes apart, but have you ever heard any government institution offering such huge amounts just like that?"

(Oh god! Where are my fb smilies?? I want to clutter this blog with the funniest of them!)

Further info said -

"To make this offer through email more realistic, they have even used RBI governor D Subbarao's name and they mention a so-called meeting with a "Senate Tax Committee on Finance", except that there is no such committee in India."

So, what happens next is you send them your details. They reply back to you with a request to pay them 'just' a few thousand bucks as the 'transfer charges' or so; which of course seems negligible since you are dwelling inside a pool of non existant fifty thousand euros prize. So you pay them around 20k and then even more when asked untill you realise that you possibly have the least of the worthy trait called 'common sense'!

Nigeria stands at the top of the world being home to the globe's biggest spammers. But these mind hackers are available throughout our international nexus. All they do is take away your money. The bottom line is -

If you think the word 'spam' is absent in your dad's decades old dictionary, there is another beautiful word known as the - Internet!

Good day!

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