yesterday i saw group of girls nd boyz innocently talking to each other
i know it's nothing new, but the way of talking is very much different
u must be thinking Yyy ????

i tell u,, they were special people, they were blessed with special powers not only to listen wat people are speaking but to read wat U r thinking,,wats in ur mind..........

i was totally lost in their sign language,their innocent eyes, with that sweet consistent smile, small finger and hand movements as if whole heart is taken out, i wanted to noe more, i wanted to interact with them, for dem I belong to some oder world who is alien, who does not recognize dere language,,

i realized they have their own world, if ve like to enter in their world u have to first take permission from them,

And i desperately want to be in their world with such innocent faces and pure red HEART.

P.S.-those faces cant go off my mind, can i be a part of ur life.

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