It was 19th Aug (2016), our last day in Switzerland and we had to catch a train from Brig for Milan. We left our tent hostel in Interlaken at around 9am feeling a bit disappointed for the time that was about to get wasted in transit. We took the train tickets from Interlaken West for spiez. As sson as the train started towards Spiez the beauty of Lake Thunersee left us awestruck. Here is a video that I made through the train window. 

It was a bit cloudy in the morning and I was not expecting much from the day but clouds added a whole new dimension in the beauty that our eyes were witnessing. According to my research the Spiez castle is the most important attraction of this small town. In 20 minutes we reached Spiez. Aaaand this is how it looks when you reach Spiez Bahnof (Railway station). 

You can see the castle from the station itself.  There was a very steep slope down to reach the castle. When we reached the small lake dock on our way to the castle, we found out that there is some party that is going to happen at night. Preparations were in full swing, food stalls, concert stage, music system, sound system, everyone was busy installing them on a beautiful ground. We already had a train to catch and hence we kept our calm. We were greeted by a Swan when we reach near the castle.

And we reach the castle we were greeted by the sight of three sailors:

There is much more to share about Spiez, but you should always consider it if you are planning to visit Switzerland. 

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