Going by what was reported last year in quartz's India: the secret behind India's passion for Porn, in 2014 India was among the highest consumers of pornographic content in the world.
US seems to be ranked 1, the UK, Canada and India is the 4th rank, having moved up 3 places. Australia has moved up 2 places and is in the 8th place. Mexico is at number 10. Much of this consumption is coming through mobile phones which overtook desktops as India's primary device for accessing pornographic site/s. In 2013, 60% of traffic originated from Desktop and 40% from Mobile. In 2014, 45% is from Desktop and 55% from mobile.
Fast growing smartphone markets in the world with 80 million handsets estimated to have been shipped in 2014. 'If men can do, why can not we', I have heard some women say. Indian women are prolific consumers of pornographic content. This was a revelation to me. In 2014, 25% of Indian visitors on Pornhub.com were women. This is higher than many European countries perceived to be liberal. Among the female viewers of porn, Brazil is highest at 29% and lowest is UK and France at 21%. World average is 23%. India is 25%, Spain 22%. Monday is the most popular day to watch porn in US, Canada, France and Friday the least popular in US, UK, Canada, Mexico. In UK and Germany, Sunday is the most popular, in India Saturday, Tuesday in Italy and Brazil, Australia Friday.
One popular porn-star is transiting or has already transited into a Bollywood actress.
The information contained in the above report is no doubt educative, but it is incomplete in very important ways. Percentages are fine, but absolute numbers are equally important and so also the percentages to total population and the age group. In India, man-woman relationships outside matrimony are only a miniscule compared to the huge populace where as in countries referred to in the report, they are the norm.

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