What do I see, can you tell me?

Signs of life, spring is here, all forms of life appear.

Leaves appear, grass turns green, do you know
what I mean.

New life begins, even the deer bring and sing
New life from with in.

Snow melts, river swell, lakes getting full, all kinds
of change.

Even though its the same, every year things change.

People change, a new year, a new season.

Keep what you believe close to your heart. believe
things as they are, not what they seem.

Some are with at all times, some just for a time.

Many will go away, some close others faraway.

Write your soul, write your heart, say what you think,
say what comes to your heart.

I'm just a word speaking from the dark, some things mean,
other words are not.

Tags: Thriller

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