I just had a friend over to pick up some money I owned him, he is my bestfriends boyfriend. Or at least was.... He was gloomy and said "I just went to her place, and we broke up"... I just stood there, looking and him, not believing him... "really? wha.... what happend?" He made a short story and told me the details, I just hugged him and said I was sorry adding he had being my favorite boyfriend so far. I wasnt lying at all.
My bestfriend and I have been bfs, since 2007, and we've have been thru a lot together, all of her past boyfriends had been really bad, and now this one comes along and is this sweet caring guy, all the opposite from what we were used to, and I am very happy for her, this was the first time I could actually tell her, I'm proud of u for having a good boyfriend, you deserve to be happy with a good guy and not the pasted jerks who had been with you hurting you all the time.
Now is over... and she is devastated... and I'm here watching her suffering, is my turn to pick her up the ground, I'm not complaining, I love her, and I will pick her up... but, I had a terrible break up from an 8 years relationship 5 months ago and now we dont talk to eachother (my ex and I), that only for the past week, we had a very dramatic end, still trying to stand on my feet, and now she falls down too? I gotta pick her from the ground using a casts on my legs, my arms are numb, I've been using them to grab the walls so I dont fall on my face again, but now I gotta use them to carry her up, I'm not scared, I will fall again if I have to for her.... I just wonder sometimes, why do I keep getting these challenges, I'm not even up and now I gotta worry for her, maybe that's what I needed? have my feelings somewhere else, so they dont eat me alive? Maybe I need to worry for someone else and not me? Maybe I'm destined to be a helper with broken limbs.... This wouldnt be new at all.

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