Star Wars adventure.

This was an adventure to remember and share with others.

A long long day ago in a home far far away...

It all started on Thursday the 3rd of sept 2015. That night I went to sleep pondering the concept of fear. My mind went into an immediate need to understand a word which is just that.

Little did I know the same night somewhere close by a friend would spot a ufo that glowed a light from its center. While the sky was a vibrant orange. He stared at it with fear. A person who does not believe in aliens or ufos was now staring at what he thought was the worlds oblivion. Quickly he phoned his folks. I wouldn't hear about this until days later.

Meanwhile as I get comfortable contemplating an anything but simple subject I drift off to sleep fully knowing the truth that was cracked wide open for me and I believe that secret was sent to me. This night I would dream. And on this night I would be blessed enough to remember at least portions of my dream. This is a rare occurrence for me in general because I normally don't remember my dreams.

As I rose into the day on Friday the fourth sept 2015, I hadn't the faintest clue that the day was a Star Wars day for stores or anything else. The dream I woke from was yep a Star Wars dream. I was given a private invitation to watch the screening of the new film before it was released world wide. I remember seeing the bb8 roll through the film along with other pieces of film that reminded me of George Lucas' failed episode 1 material mixed with Jj Abrams amazing footage. The feeling was a little awesome along with confusion. I was blessed to be with my family.

Then I was at our home but it was normal at first then our backyard was a beach. I remember being really confused with everything. I remember knowing that the film shouldn't have been released for another few months.

As I woke I was blown away with what I was able to remember and that it had to do with Star Wars new film. I told my family but they didn't hear me all the way. I wondered if there was any connection to the secret about fear that I learned before falling asleep. Then I quickly forgot about the dream.

Through the day my family and I chose different things that had to do with Star Wars. I tell you again we had no clue about Friday the fourth being connected as we chose these things intuitively. One thing was a book for a friends kid that we wanted them to have and another was some things my family were looking up and showing me on etsy that was Star Wars themed. But the big one came at the end of the evening.

I was getting ready for bed and I remembered that I had a dream about Star Wars. I told my family again and they said they didn't remember me mentioning anything earlier. Then my friend called me. He said it was nothing important. He just wanted to tell me he bought the BB8 from the store. I couldn't believe the timing. I told him about the dream and everything that happened Star Wars like. He then told me there was a documentary with George Lucas on national geographic that aired that day. My mind was blown again. But it wasn't until Saturday that I found out about the major event having to do with Star Wars which happened on Friday the fourth! Now I wondered did this Star Wars event along with the ufo and my revelation have any connections? I think I won't know that answer for now.

That's all! That is the craziest thing I experienced recently and the day after if you could believe it was actually more revelatory then that Friday. I'll post that in a day or so.

May the fourth be with you! God bless!

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