He tried everything, every single thing that he could possibly try. He failed; every attempt of him was a failure indeed. He felt betrayed every time and truth haunted him for what it made him. He was a loner. He had lost everything that he had indeed. He made a decision, he wanted to die. He was ready to die, till the realisation hit him. Who is the loser here?
He saw a moving star and made a wish. He wanted to be conqueror. He wanted everyone to look back at him. He wanted everyone to cherish him. He had defied himself but still he had to conquer. He had to conquer himself.
There are some phases in your life that bring you down and there are some which doesn’t. So the solution, only solution is to sort it out, talk it out.
Everyone reading this has his or her close ones, share it with them, tell them your fears and ask suggestions and see the magic, it will be a paradise of pleasure.
Conquer it, fear, we can, but truth, we can too. It is inside you. There is demon and an angel inside you, but yes that demon makes you a mystery and that angel makes you history. So be an angel.
When you love yourself, you defy yourself, when you defy yourself, you conquer yourself.
You conquer yourself, then you will have it 


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