WriterBabu is a platform for writers and readers. Readers need something to read which writers write. Its difficult to find writers, So we make people writers. Simple enough, right? Writing is one of most awesome things that can ever happen to anyone. Its a step ahead in the evolution ladder. But millions of intellectuals never get to experience this awesomeness. We are fixing that.

Every life is remarkable and there is a story in each one of them. There is a learning in each one of them and a joy to share. Everyone should write. Write it in the form of stories, poems, essays, opinion or just experience. But each one should write one. Writing is the way to communicate with oneself and get a bit deeper into the understanding of incidences around us. Once written it stays there forever. We need to preserve history. An unbiased one.

History has always been written by the rulers and due to lack of involvement of the masses in the making of history the truth is lost. What will our next to next to next to next generation will know about us should be written by us, the common man and not the rulers of our time. We have managed a significant amount of freedom of speech and expression in our times but we need to use it. We should all write. We should write our lives, our stories, our creativity and our imaginations. Let our future generations know that we were not that dumb ones.

So what are you going to write today?

( I wrote this article on the wordpress account of WriterBabu just to attract more readers ... :D )

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