I started playing again,
I started studying again,
I started Loving you again,
" Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le"
Today is the day of love ,
don't you remember,
I took an oath,
To fight for you,
and I stand again,
I don't care you call me whatever,
I don't care of your vengeance,
I pray for you that you believe me i love you,
I know this type of love is difficult
because everytime you think of loosing your love,
the same happens here,
But i am optimistic for whatever you say me,
for whatever you call me,
for whatever you make me,
for whatever you thought about me,
My love is pure and I stand with my love,
So don't you dare calling me a betrayer ....

I stand and will fight "monali, My love, My juliet, My laila"

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