The first day in my engineering college, it felt like the first day of school. My parents not only dropped me to the college but also left me till the classroom where I was supposed to have my first class. Now at the end of graduation it all seems childish yet memorable. I looked at my parents teary eyed, half afraid and half embarrassed for people there seemed to know everything and everyone there and I with my parents like a scared puppy.

This was how I started my new life. Born and raised in Bangalore, with tons of friends there. I left behind my comfort zone, which was a gift and a curse. I loved being there,but my past just could not let me be, the city reminded me of my failures. I left my home to join a college in a tier two city. City full of dust, unknown people, new faces, but I was supposed to be a brave girl. I thought I could manage things well. Far from reality, you see. Things don't happen as we perceive or expect it to be. I could hardly make some four friends in the first semester, but I was supposed to be good in making friends and socializing. My increased score in the first semester and the mystery of a metro girl in a small city intrigued people and then there were friends, fun and college.

Well, seems I just made a good decision. Away from home, I learnt how to be independent, cook a little and how to manage things around me.
I started a new life with the start of my undergraduate course, and the decision I made was one of the best things that happened to me. I maybe would have a bunch of more friends in Bangalore but not the peace of mind. There may be dust here, a lot , but then there is no much pollution. The city here is very small, well that is the reason why I have a good amount of exercise because I walk to my college, listening to children chatter, flowers mutter and the skies glow instead if blaring horns and dizzying bus rides.
The journey that started four years back is going to end soon, on a positive note. I go back home on vacations to find the people praising me who once condemned me. I don't hold grudges, I don't have time for it, but I have a very good memory. My parents are proud of what I am today. The city , small, but kindled my passion and hobbies a big time.

Another few months, and I am off to start a new life in a new place with new people and this time I just need my parents blessings and their presence at home to eagerly wait for me. But parents, you know, I guess they will drop me to my first day at the office too..
I would love to make good friends on my way to start another new life. Care to join me?

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