When things go wrong,
Time flew off your hand,
Stand strong to face it,

When feeling overcome u,
When things don't go straight
Bind yourself to stand strong,

When u r all alone,
And no one to care,
Be a king n stand strong,

When darkness is all round what u feel
Strengthen yourself to resist that painful night,

May how unfair life is being to u ,
But at end it changes all to good,

When once in life your inner voice will challenge u ,
Then u need your heart to say that u have to stand strong anyway to go through.

When heart is broken
Love is gone
U have to make yourself more n more strong,

When life gives u a bad kick
U have to be smart n have to face it,

Stay strong to bear the pain u r given ,
Then u will to know the real flavor of sweet again,,

But when all things are good to u don't forget the time
where u had been through
Then see your heart will whisper it that u had been strong all that time it was needed.
So be Strong be Patient...

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