I read a post recently where the author is staying away from home。It was a great post,not about staying alone but how alone you feel。
Here's my take on it.
Imagine yourself in a strange city,where no one knows you, no one cares whether you live or die, no friends, no relatives, noone。
The sights are different and confusing, even the smells are unusual。The very people around you seem like a different breed of people。And im not talking bout moving to a different country, this is in your country, your land per se。
No one spares you a second glance,you‘re just a nobody in a throng of nobody’s。
Everyone minding their own business, the cars keep moving, the people keep moving, even the road keeps going forward, only you‘re left standing。
The mornings are blander without someone to wish you a bright good morning, even the nights are dreary, spent alone in a new strange house。
And the day goes by,days merging into a cohesive blob,all compassing, not knowing when one starts and the other ends。
The people you knew are distant,you see them once every couple of months。
Events happen without you,people have birthdays, get married,have children,get divorced, without you playing a part, not even a spectator, a bystander anymore。
Your only contact with them, or rather with the outside world on the whole is whatsapp and facebook!
Your life reduced to the bare minimum。
people you meet are friendly, but it just doesnt feel the same.
You feel exalted when a friend remembers you and calls。You feel terrible when no one does。
You feel leftout, out of place, forgotten。
You miss the feel of home, the tenderness of family, the familiarity of places known and visited。 You miss the companionship of a known city, of its people, of the language, the slangs which are native to your city。
You miss the food,the specialties, the flavors, the vendors。
Most of all you miss yourself。The one you left behind。

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