Hey you are bringing here also your people.
first you brought accident in my family
then you made me sick
then you sent your friends to enquire about me
then you showed sympathy.
then you ask your friend to spoil me to make me drink beer.
dont you feel guilty for all this
then you ask about my family
then you followed my family
dont you feel ashamed
you south indian telugu friend showing his money power
Now i am ashamed of you for choosing you
you all are such a bastard
But i wish i could make you a nice person
a nice person. You can never become
all my work went in vain my friend.
i am really sorry i loved you.
you tried killing me.
you are crossing the line
wish god can fill this law
please stop this corruption.
I wish you will change one day.
you are corrupt , your brother is corrupt
and your friends are corrupt. Wish i could change you.
i tried and i failed
Dont you feel bad for all this
when i talk to kid
you make them bad

god can see and he will give you his answer

please stop all this madam , please just stop it.
you know today also you follow me

Stop being corrupt. Hope you will change.

Take care.

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