#someone's story written in first person .

The day I first started my work, i was very small. i did not know what, i was very small.
i did not know what i had to do but i was sure it would be exciting, because since the onset of puberty, i had always been fascinated by sex.
i was waiting there, in some tit bits of clothes, trying to show my cleavage, my stomach, my butt crack, waiting for someone to come and take my virginity. and the door opened, entered a drunk man. i said him hello, but all he did was ripped off my clothes and wildly started kissing me everywhere. instead of submitting myself to him, i felt numb, i was shocked. i simply felt puppet of his actions. after all this wasn't how i had imagined sex. my girlfriends told me it was magical but i completely felt harassed. no magic at all. but that day i realized that my life wasn't like the fairy tale i had envisioned. so instead of moping around, i should feel happy with the flow.. but deep inside, i was broken. i wanted to go back home.

i do not remember why but i didn't.
days passed and so did years. i had been shifted to Dubai.
i was promoted to a foreign prostitute. there i met many more like me, coming from various parts of the world. i had even made many friends. and understood their reasons for choosing this kind of life.
but i couldn't remember mine. because many years had passed and i don't know why i was i here. i faintly remember that once i went to school, had a mother, lived in a small hut like home.
rumors have it that my mother sent me here, others say that i was been kidnapped.

but whatever it may be, i aint sad. i was enjoying my life, and my freedom. and prostitution was just paying the bills.

all prostitutes here, think that someday, some handsome prince would enter the bar and see in them a woman, a companion, a lover and a friend. who would take them out of this life and marry them. but from my very first encounter i knew nothing like this would ever happen. life wasn't a fairytale.

i had learned many things since then, that how men's minds work, how to be more sexy in order to get more commission. i learned that sex wasn't necessarily magical because i was completely worn out of it.

since then, i had made many decisions too, but one decision had turned out to be the turning point of my life.

on the regular basis of opening my legs for money, i realized that i wasn't just losing my body but also my soul. i was losing my inner self.
so i decided to study literature in the free day time, after i was done partying.

after a few months, a guy from my class came and asked me," ma'am would you like to enroll your name for the speech competition held this weekend?"


no one had ever called me that. i was always called in slangishly slutty by my customers.
MA'AM. it felt so out of the line.
i was delighted. the first timer.
i suddenly felt i was filled with honor, dignity and self respect. something of which i never had the privilege to feel before.
that night at work i felt so shallow while opening my legs that i stopped and ran off without even taking the money.
for the first time the freedom and fascination felt suffocating.
maybe because for the first time i wasn't just selling my body but my soul.
my body was of sins but was my soul?
no. no. no.

LUST of my body guided me to prostitution, but the LUST of my soul, to literature.
i was selling it.

later after that night i never went back to that bar. changed my name, changed my address and changed the way to look at my life. after a few months, i felt my life was a fairytale again.
i fell in love. and did sex without money.
and to my surprise, it felt magical, satisfying.

maybe i was just a prostitute by profession, not a prostitute by thought.

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