Strip for me,
Out of these clothes that hide,
Out of these personalities you divide,
I want to know how you would feel
When I kiss your neck just right,
When I say words out of spite.
I want to feel your lips advancing down my body,
Your opinions entangling with mine.
I want to hold the vessel and lap up the drink.

Do you fight or do you flight in vexing situations?
What made you what you've become?
I want the story behind every scar,
the story behind every time you stayed shut, 
you did not elaborate,
You did not elaborate on what makes you squirm and what makes you firm.

Tell me why do you talk the way you talk,
Let your fingers write a haiku on me.
Confess, how you really don't know,
What you are doing in life and in bed.
Tell me why you don't like to talk about your father,
And why you get jumpy when I grab your behind.

Detail every insecurity you ever had,
How everyday is a bad hairday,
How scary pretty people can be.
Let your lips press over mine,
And let them sing the words left unsaid.

Tell me why you can't even commit to a favorite color,
And how going numb does help at times.
I want to see you staring at the ceiling, 
all alone in my arms.
Tell me why cold hands and cold hearts make you want to sing yourself to sleep?

I want you
Out of your clothes
And out of your mind.

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