The little guy played,
To stadiums ever full.
In our hearts he lived,
Submerged in a school.
People used to wait,
For him to walk in.
People used to wait,
For him to play at will.
In him,they saw an image,
Of their own lives at large.
He enthralled many,
From the young to the old.
Leaving a legacy of greatness,
His story will often be told.
The jersey was 10,
The playing years were 24.
Yet you could not tell,
The player's present from yore.
His smile was infectious,
His persona was mellifluous.
Those eyes and gait were great,
A bowler's self laid bait.
An inspiration for many,
An aspiration for still more.
Life without sachin in cricket,
It is difficult to even ponder!!

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