Although I was bursting with rage, I quietly drifted off to my room and slammed the wooden door hard. I sat on my bed and cursed my unbearable situation. Dad did not allow me to go play an important football match.. For the simple freaking reason that I was a student and should concentrate on studies..

I was so tempted to go tell where to stick his ideals and studies morals.. But I chose to keep calm. It was only three months(less-to be more accurate) since the end of holidays and so many tournament opportunities I was forced to let go because of this studies bullshit..

WHY??? Doesn't students have some freedom?? I forced to pull out from the carom competition, let go of football, find a replacement for dam tournament.. no one would even offer to help me master my scrabble skills.. TV and movies as if illegal.. Facebook is being used secretly.. At least WriterBabu and Bodybuilding survive..

Come on guys.. Wherever I whoever I talk.. its always same old shit; if I don't work.. Student life is so suffocating.. wonder when will I get freedom.. I am so sick of this life..

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